by Brian J. Mazurek, for Buffalo Raceway 

HAMBURG, N.Y. --- Jackie Giuliani was very surprised to say the least when she learned that she was named the first recipient of the 'Horseman Of The Month' award for February at Buffalo Raceway.
Photo by Bill Burke    
Jackie Giuliani wins Horseman's Award.    
"I think it's pretty cool to be the first to win the award but it's also nice to be acknowledged for what you do on a daily basis," Giuliani said.
In recognition of the award, she will receive a gift certificate from J.P. Fitzgeralds, the sponsor of this month's award.
The 30-year-old Giuliani works in the Shawn McDonough Stable where he currently has 19 horses. "On non race days, I jog or train, feed them and put them away," Giuliani stated. But race days are a bit more hectic.
With the McDonough barn averaging about six starters a night, things can get a little crazy but something that Giuliani cherishes. "I was a registered nurse for a few years but found out I missed being with the heart was with the horses. I missed them. They are so therapeutic to me."
So instead of doing nursing duties, she is now busy grooming, decorating their custom hoods, braiding hair and putting on their shiny bridles every race night.
Giuliani has been around horses all her life. "I grew up in the barn. I watched my Dad (Alex Giuliani) every day and learned a lot from my sister Jennifer," Jackie added. 
Her 14th birthday couldn't come quick enough as once she hit that magical number, Giuliani got her groom's license that day and was "in the barn working as a groom the next day." But in the future, she'd like to get her training license but that is currently on pause as she is expecting a child within a month.
But in the meanwhile, the horses in the McDonough stable still will be 'babied and cared for' by Jackie Giuliani.
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