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Brian's Pick 5 ticket for 
Wednesday, June 26th
$0 carryover
2nd race: 1-2
3rd race: 4
4th race: 3-1
5th race: 2-1
6th race: 4-3-1
TOTAL COST: $12.00

Meet Our Handicappers

pickup man hanover1.jpg

Brian Mazurek is one of the track’s three handicappers as well as the track’s public relations writer. Brian started watching harness racing at the age of 18; he and his friends would go to Buffalo Raceway every Friday night with $20 in hand after cashing their paychecks. Since then, Brian has dabbled in horse ownership, some of which race at Yonkers, The Meadows, and Pocono. Being a fan of the sport for 50 years has given Brian a few insights on the sport. Brian likes to say, “Handicapping isn’t always looking for short price, but finding one at a good price.”

A fun fact about Brian is that he was a New York State Corrections Officer!

You can find Brian’s nightly picks in your program or on Brian's Buffalo Raceway Selections .



Our Track announcer, Wayne Teaven, also wears multiple hats here at Buffalo Raceway as another one of our handicappers. He got into harness racing through his grandfather and mother having race horses while he was growing up. Wayne started announcing at Buffalo Raceway in April of 2016, and since then, he’s been our go-to guy. Additionally, he’s filled in at track’s such as Batavia Downs, Vernon Downs, Northfield, and Yonkers Raceway. Wayne makes his picks as if he would be standing with you to bet them himself.

A fun fact about Wayne is that he loves music and has a vast collection of CDs, DVDs, and box sets of just all different genres of rock and metal.

Wayne gives his picks in real time following the post parade, so be sure to listen in for those!


1paige.jpgMeet Paige! Paige is the track’s Marketing Coordinator and can be found on your streaming device as our Racing Host. She got her footing here at Buffalo Raceway as a groom. She worked for a handful of trainers, learning the sport, until she was hired by the Buffalo Trotting Association. While she has only been a fan of WNY harness racing since 2017, she believes she is able to give our bettors a unique fresh look on a card.

A fun fact about Paige is that she owns her own racehorse.

You can find Paige’s Picks before each race on the Post Time Show or on Twitter @paige_usiak





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