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The Winner's Circle Cafe is open Friday and Saturday night featuring a great variety of delicious tasting food.

Over 75 tables overlook the 1/2 mile oval with televisions for a closer view of the action or to wager on other tracks across North America.

Reservations are available for Saturday only by calling 716-649-1280 ext 300.  Open Seating is available in the Clubhouse on Wednesday and Friday.



During simulcast patrons may order from our Simulcast Menu including Chicken Wings, Hamburgers, Pizza and Wraps.

Free coffee and soda are also available during simulcast

2015 Menu
$8 Items                        $10 Items
Hamburger   Italian Sausage
Cheeseburger   Assorted Sub
Grilled Chicken   Chicken Fingers
Ham Sub   Carved Beef
Hot Dog   Carved Special
Includes Choice of French Fries, Deli Salad or Soup
Add a 16 oz fountain soda for only $2 more
French Fries $4                Soup  $4
Cheese Pizza $6   Pie $4
Pepperoni Pizza   $7   Candy $2
Specialty Pizza $8   Chips $2
Specialty Salad $9   Cookie $2
16 oz Soda $3.00     16 oz Beer $4.50
32 oz Soda $4.00   Milk $3.00
Johnny Ryan Soda    $3.25   Bottled Water    $3.25
Coffee $2.00   Gatorade $3.50
Tea $2.00      
Taxes included in prices


Specials include:
Friday - Fish Fry                                            $12
Saturday - Seafood                                       $12