Winning pari-mutuel tickets from all wagers placed at Buffalo Raceway, must be presented for payment on or before March 31 of the following year and can be cashed during normal business hours. You cannot cash winning Buffalo Raceway mutuel tickets at any OTB.

Uncashed winning mutuel tickets must be sent by certified or registered mail to the address listed below and must be received by Buffalo Raceway no later than March 31 of the following year. In accordance with NYSGC rules, Buffalo Raceway must be in possession of these tickets no later than March 31 of the following year in order to be eligible for payment. Therefore, tickets mailed with an earlier postmark but received by Buffalo Raceway after March 31st will not be processed. Please allow sufficient time to make certain that Buffalo Raceway is in receipt of your ticket(s) before this deadline.  Please send ticket (make a copy of your tickets for your records) along with your name, address, and contact number. Do not tape and or staple ticket.  Please allow 30 days for a reply.

Address via USPS (certified or registered mail) or courier
Buffalo Raceway
Attn: Mutuel Department
5600 McKinley Parkway
Hamburg, NY 14075

It is advised that you keep copies for your records.

For winnings that exceed 300-1 odds - the Internal Revenue Service requires that a W2-G Tax Form is completed. This form requires two proofs of identity: 1, Copy of Drivers License or State issued photo ID; and 2, Copy of Social Security Card or a card that establishes your identity and includes your social security number. All winnings subject to reporting and/or withholding as described in IRS form W2G will be administered in accordance with applicable IRS code.

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